Friday, May 27, 2016

Disabled Dishcloths Now Available! new booklet, Disabled Dishcloths: Guide Dog and Blind Person Knit Patterns for Dishcloths and Afghans
 is now available! Find it on Amazon for Kindle or Kindle App for all devices and cell phones. Find the app link on the kindle book page.

If you are not in the USA, please click on the Title above for a universal link that will take you to your country's Amazon access point.

This booklet has my two Guide Dog Knit Patterns and my Blind Person with Cane Pattern. It is in the store for .99 or free to read if you are a Kindle Unlimited Member.

In Flight is the next booklet to be out soon!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Call to Serve and new books coming too!

I'm so  happy about my book, Call to Serve: Military Dishcloth Knit Patterns.  This booklet contain dishcloth patterns that are for each branch of the military: Navy, Air Force, Army, Marine, Coast Guard, Sea Bees, Eagle and Eagle in Flight.  The next booklet coming out will be Disabled Dishcloths.  This booklet will contain my Blind with Cane and two Guide Dog dishcloth patterns.

Following that, there will be several more booklets released.  My In Flight Dishcloth booklet will contain the patterns for Flutterby Fairy, Hummingbird, Butterfly and Witch in Flight. Dishcloth Fun will include Think Red Poisy, Big Rig, and four more random patterns. I will update later as this is finished. Bookmark Fun will include several bookmark patterns. This is just a sampling of what is to come.

As soon as all the books in the Knitting Simple Seires is edited and published, I will work on crochet patterns too! I'm currently working on a new lace shawl knit pattern as well as these booklets. I hope to have a new knit loom pattern posted for free here soon as well.

Life is busy, but so worth it! Thank you for following.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Call to Serve: Military Knit Patterns

I am proud to announce the release of my new booklet: Call to Serve: Military Knit Patterns for Dishcloths, Pillows or Afghans. This is available now on the Amazon Kindle or the Kindle App for IOS or Android.
These were my free patterns for a time, but have now been combined into a booklet, for a small fee, all in one place.

You can get this booklet on Amazon here:
If you are outside the US please click here for your own copy:

Never Fear, I will still be placing free patterns here as well occasionally, but first I have six more booklets I am finishing up!

Remember, you can ALWAYS contact me by email for suggestions, help or if you have any ideas for new patterns!
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