Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Serene Yarn and Good Timing!

My daughter and her fiancé came by this last weekend. We will be having a wedding on September 29th. This is one day before my birthday and four days after his mother's birthday. =) The colors are Burgundy and peaches...just like the Sunburst color of this yarn I am working! Care to guess what this project is going to be? lol

This project seems to show itself as different colors at different times. That or my camera just does not want to cooperate.

I have decided that I love the soft feel of this acrylic yarn so much that I am going to create a shawl pattern for it. I will post more information as I develop this idea. I love the feel once you begin to work with the Serene. There is also some other very lovely colors.

I am going to be making more projects with this soon. =)

Now, on to wedding planning and getting ready for my trip to Seattle! If you do not hear from me in a timely manner remember that I will have things back to normal around the 15th of June. Then all I have to deal with is wedding plans! lol


Briley said...

RaAnn- I love this! Is it your design?

Scarlett said...

My horcrux socks keep doing that when I photo'd them. Weird ain't it? I love that shawl and the wonderful color of it, either one, they are both gorgeous.

Cat said...

Congratulations to you and your family ;-)
Oh I love the colors of the Serene.


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